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IR-MEMS Inspector

Features and Specifications

  • A single unit can handle various inspections and tests from low-magnification macro defect detection to high-magnification micro-analysis.
  • Lighting/optics technologies and various image preprocessing techniques enable high-contrast images.
  • High-precision image synthesizing technology lets you evaluate wafers up to 200 mm in diameter in a single operation.
  • All stage and lighting operations are controlled from a PC.
  • A wide range of upgradeable software options are available.

Main Applications

Quality inspection, detection and evaluation:
  • Wafer bonding void
  • 3D mounting
  • Chipping and after dicing
  • WLCSP chipping
  • MEMS device
  • COG bond
  • Solar cell
  • Nondestructive side etching measurement for SiO2 sacrificial layer etching


Product Name IR-MEMS Inspector
Supported Materials Si-Si, Si-Glass, Si-Au, Si-GaAs, Si-GaP, Si-GaAsP, Si-LiNbO3, Si-LiTaO3, Si-Au-PZT, Si-Au-PLZT, Si-polymer-Si
Optical System PC controlled, power zoom lenses
Magnifications Low-power zoom lens 0.75x to 4.5x
High-power zoom lens 7x to 40x
Field of View Low-power zoom lens 7.09 × 8.88 mm to 1.18 × 1.48 mm
high-power zoom lens 0.71 × 0.89mm to 0.13 × 0.17mm
Lighting System At low/high magnification Near-infrared coaxial illumination, near-infrared transmission (near-infrared oblique illumination is available as an option)
Can also support visible/UV light 
Lighting system combinations can be selected
Stage System Automatic stage (user controlled)
Stroke X-stage 200 mm
Y-stage 200 mm
Z-stage 100mm
Control All operations are controlled from a PC: Change magnification, switch to low/high magnification lens, switch lighting, move X-/Y-/Z-stage
Software Image preprocessing (image enhancement), image synthesizing (scans and synthesizes high-definition images of up to 8 inches)
Simple measurement: 2-point distance measurement, circular surface area, rectangular surface area
Other features such as FCB position drift measurement are available as options.
(W × D × H)
625 × 705 × 735 mm (including leveler unit)
Weight 85 kg

SCHOTT MORITEX can also provide other types of MEMS evaluation/inspection equipment.

The Real Power of the Twin IR Zoom Lenses! (0.75x to 40x)

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